Osteopathy is a drug-free, non-invasive manual therapy that aims to improve health across all body systems by manipulating and strengthening the musculoskeletal framework.

An osteopathic practitioner focus on the joints, muscles, and spine. Treatment aims to positively affect the body’s nervous, circulatory, and lymphatic systems.

Manual medicine means that both diagnosis and treatment are carried out with the hands.

Francesca is a UK trained Osteopathic Practitioner, graduating from the British School of Osteopathy with a Masters in Osteopathy in 2015. Since then she has had the pleasure of working in a variety of general and specialist clinics across the world including performing arts clinics in London, general clinics in Sydney and snow sports clinics in France & Japan. Thanks to this Francesca is comfortable managing a wide range of ailments from sporting injuries, headaches, sinus issues, chronic postural issues and jaw pain to name a few.
Francesca describes herself as a structural practitioner with a gentle yet direct approach, incorporating visceral and functional techniques as well as lifestyle advice to provide each patient with a personalised and effective treatment. She has a strong focus on education with the aim to empower her patients enabling them to take control of their well being

Osteopathic treatments are covered under many extended Healthcare plans. As always it is a good idea to check your plan coverage for maximums.